Product conception and design are the first steps in a successful product launch.  We use artists, illustrators, engineers, and designers to put onto paper the idea that our clients have conceived.  Some companies “over design” a concept, and end up with a product that may work well, but far exceeds the target cost when it comes time to manufacture.  It is never too early in the development process to consider budgetary targets and design to meet those criteria.  We have the expertise to imagine and design your product idea to insure maximum success in the subsequent development steps that follow.

Finding the right mass production partner is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of the product development process.  As a contract manufacturer, we have developed an extensive list of partner factories that we can trust will produce our clients products with honesty and integrity to meet or exceed our specifications.  If problems arise, we stand behind our clients to insure the problem is addressed to their 100% satisfaction.  With 20+ years of experience, and hundreds of successful promotional and retail products we have been involved with, we are confident we can manage you project.

Delivering QUALITY product is of the utmost importance to us at IPS.  We develop custom quality control plans for our clients that are tailored to their specific needs or concerns.  We handle all facets of the quality control spectrum: Factory Evaluation and Compliance,  Third Party Safety Testing (age specific, hazardous design, toxicity), In-Line Quality Monitoring, Pre-Shipment Quality Control Inspections and Sorting.  Our clients can rest assured that we are working on THEIR behalf and benefit. 

Moving commerce on a global scale is never an easy task.  It often takes longer and is more costly than estimated.  Shipments can get diverted, slowed down or even seized by U.S. Customs and other agencies if not documented and submitted properly.  We work with the largest transport companies to get our clients the best rate on their shipments.  For most of our customers, we ship and import their product on their behalf and deliver finished goods directly to their location of choice. 

There are many types of distribution available today, from typical “brick and mortar” retailers, to huge online  services like Ebay and Amazon.  We have experience working with many of them and we understand the requirements necessary to sell product through them.  We have our own warehousing for staging, palletizing, co-packing, sorting and re-packing.  For certain products, we may be able to aid in finding retail, promotional and other distribution partners for our clients.

Once we have the general shape, size, appearance and material options hammered out in the Design step, we can move to developing a final written specification for the product.  We incorporate the latest software technologies  and computer aided design programs to create a “blueprint” for our clients.  This blueprint will be used in all the key areas of the product development process including: the factory selection, costing calculations,  modeling and prototyping processes, inline  and production tooling creation,  and as a “gold standard” for QC inspections and lab testing.

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