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Product Development & Global Sourcing Specialists

International Product Solutions, Inc. (IPS) is a professional consulting company offering a range of services related to consumer product development, manufacturing, and delivery. With offices in the USA, Taiwan and China, we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients a “turn-key” solution to their product evolution and sourcing needs. We work with our clients from initial conception to final delivery of finished goods and everywhere in between. We have helped hundreds of clients from start-up’s to large companies bring their product ideas to life with our budget friendly, quality driven and reliable process that we have refined for over 22 years.

The best part about partnering with IPS is we are risk free. We employ a “cost plus” model which means we add a very small fee into each unit we produce and deliver on your behalf. This allows you to realize the many benefits of our decades of experience and huge factory network without daunting upfront costs and fees. We are 100% vested in the success of your project and product… and we only succeed when our CLIENTS SUCCEED!