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E-Commerce Products

Customized E-commerce products provide your customers with exactly what they want. Too often, ready-made products fall short of what your target customers are looking for. The products are too generic or do not address all the features and benefits consumers are looking for. IPS offers a solution through custom E-commerce products manufactured at a competitive price.

Best E-commerce Products for Manufacturing

Improve customer experience and elevate your brand by offering custom manufactured products. IPS offers the capability to create endless types of E-commerce products made of metal, plastic, rubber, and/or fabric, combined into a final product. 

Some types of E-commerce custom products we manufacture are:

  • Kitchen accessories
  • Decorative seasonal items
  • Home storage and organizational product
  • Custom packaging
  • Simple electronic items
  • Toys and games
  • Pet toys and accessories
  • Niche products
  • Personal electronic accessories

The list does not end here. If you have an idea for a custom product that could enhance your E-commerce business, talk to our team to discuss how to turn that idea into a ready-to-sell product. 

Our E-commerce Product Solutions

IPS is a one-stop-shop for all E-commerce and Off-shelf product solutions at an affordable price. Oftentimes, E-commerce businesses reach out to our team to add a custom product to an already existing line or have a customer base and just need products to sell to them. With manufacturing facilities in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, we are able to offer competitive pricing to businesses looking for custom product solutions.

Working with IPS is easy. We help businesses in all steps of custom product manufacturing, from designing to prototyping to engineering and manufacturing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About E-commerce Products

What is the difference between dropshipping and E-commerce?

Dropshipping allows retailers to sell products without having to manage the inventory. Instead, they use a third-party supplier to deliver products directly to their customers. However, these products are often generic products that may not suit all of the needs of your customers. IPS helps businesses manufacture custom products, making E-commerce products nearly as simple as dropshipping. While E-commerce businesses are still in charge of selling these products and shipping them to their customers, IPS helps them manufacture custom products that suit all of their needs, leading to higher customer satisfaction, especially in highly competitive markets.

Why Choose Custom Products vs. Off-the-Shelf Products?

Off-the-shelf products are easy. They are ready-made and can be adapted aftermarket to suit customer needs. But, they struggle to live up to the quality of a custom-made product, and don’t offer a unique design benefit for your brand. Custom products oftentimes lead to a higher satisfaction rate amongst customers. Brands that want to stand out in the crowded E-commerce marketplace need to have custom designs and custom product to be successful.

Through IPS’ Asian manufacturing facilities, custom-made products are made at an affordable price point, lowering the gap between paying for off-the-shelf products and custom ones. This increases your profit margin by providing you with a high-quality product at a low cost to your business when compared to other custom manufacturers.

I don’t see my product on the list. Can you make it?

The answer is likely yes! Products made by IPS are custom to what your business needs. Simply contact our team with your product or product idea, and we will discuss with you to determine whether our solutions are the right fit for your business.