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Diverse Client Needs:

At IPS, every project kicks off with a complimentary consultation because your unique product deserves a tailor-made approach. We want the lowdown on where your idea stands – whether you’ve got CAD files, patent sketches, material preferences, or even a working prototype. If you haven’t sorted these details yet, no sweat – we’ve got your back.

The level of upfront work our team needs to move your idea from concept to manufacturing depends on its current status. We collaborate with clients in different stages of the ideation process, from those in the initial ‘napkin sketch’ phase to those with detailed engineering schematics and functional prototypes. Most often, our clients fall somewhere in between.

Once we know what services your product requires to be ready for manufacturing, we’ll suggest the most suitable development package for you.

Our goal is to become your main and only manufacturer…we do this through superior product development and manufacturing services for our clients.

Compensation Structure:

Let us work for youOur business operates on a “cost plus” model, wherein our profitability is contingent upon becoming your designated product supplier & manufacturer. We incorporate a nominal commission, typically below 5%, on each unit we produce and deliver for our clients. The trade off is that our clients can leverage our extensive experience, expertise, robust management system, access to capital, risk mitigation, extensive factory relationships and transportation services, all with negligible effects on their unit pricing and budget. This collaborative approach establishes a genuine partnership with our customers, emphasizing that our success is intrinsically tied to theirs. Our success is tied to your success!


Development Phase (1):

The first step for out clients is the development phase where we help design and engineer the product idea. The primary objective of the development process is to articulate a comprehensive “blueprint” aligned with our clients’ product vision. This multifaceted process encompasses ideation sessions, concept creation and documentation, engineering and CAD work, prototype and field testing, identification/negotiations with suitable factories, as well as cost assessment and estimates. This comprehensive undertaking demands both time and financial resources.

As part of our commitment to our client’s success, we offer these services as a “pass-through” cost, devoid of any additional markup or margin. Prior to embarking on any project, we engage in detailed discussions with our clients regarding the anticipated costs associated with the development process, ensuring transparency, and avoiding any unforeseen surprises. Ultimately, our objective is to evolve into the ultimate supplier for the products we assist in developing, as this is the sole avenue through which we derive profit from any project.

Because each product we work on is different, the development phase estimated costs are quoted on a “case by case” basis. Quick and easy products can be as simple as 10 hours or less of development, and complex products can be more than 200 hours.

IPS provides total cost estimate to design and develop your product.

Quote Phase (2):

After developing your idea, we move into the “quoting phase” where we work with our factory partners in China, Taiwan and Vietnam to explore the costs associated with producing and importing your product. IPS handles factory selection and negotiations to find the perfect source for manufacturing. We then compute all the costs associated with production and provide our clients with an “all in” unit cost to mass produce their product at one of our partner factories. Pricing includes factory inspections, ongoing quality control, cost of production (per unit), factory compliance measures, transportation to final destination (including import fees) to our clients warehouse. Having a dependable unit price for their globally sourced product allows our clients to plan their business and sales efforts with certainty.

IPS provides “Per Unit Cost” for your product to be mass produced.

Production and Import Phase (3):

Ready to start manufacturing your product ?? The production phase draws on our 25+ years in the contract manufacturing industry. We have been sourcing product in Asia for a long time. We know the problems that can and do happen when managing production on the other side of the globe. We only work with factories we have personal relationships with. Our employees travel to and visit our factories before, during and after production to insure everything we produce exceeds the design and production standards we develop for each product. Our factories are our partners, and we only work with fully inspected and monitored production facilities where worker safety and conditions are prioritized. We produce 100’s of different products with millions of units in volume each year which gives us buying power and production priority with our factories, which we pass along to our clients.

IPS includes a small fee in each “Per Unit Cost” for each unit delivered.

Examples of Development Phase Costs:

Certain clients may only require the production of a single, straightforward product or may already possess a prototype they wish to manufacture. In contrast, other clients may have a concept that necessitates extensive development before we can furnish estimates for production costs. The following are examples of costs estimates associated with product development for various product types. It's important to emphasize that these figures will differ depending on the specific product and customer requirements. Additionally, production tooling is not encompassed in these estimates and would be provided on a project-specific basis.

Ceramic Coffee Mug design

Ceramic Coffee Mug: $500

Existing item with logo drop and color changes. For items that have little or no development time, we can provide quotes for little or no cost, usually within 7-10 days.

Custom Plastic product plan

Custom Plastic: $1500-5000

Custom injection molded plastic part. Some CAD work needed, but simple design and low cost to develop and quote.

Metal Cookware product drawing

Metal Cookware: $3000-15000

More complex items with multiple components and various materials. CAD and design work, manufacturing process research with multiple factories.

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Ready to start your product journey??

Let IPS handle the complex process of designing, developing, and manufacturing your product, freeing you to concentrate on vital tasks like funding, distribution planning, and overall business strategy. Early involvement with us ensures a superior final product that enhances your brand—safer, competitively priced, quality-engineered, responsibly sourced, and a platform for future products and brand extensions. As your “one-stop shop” for design and manufacturing, we enable you to prioritize other aspects of your business. Contact IPS now for a free consultation to assess how we can best meet your product needs.

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