Our team of designers, engineers and manufacturing experts have years of experience serving the following industries and more. Often times we help clients in other categories and industries, but here are some we work in most frequently.

General Household Goods

This enormous category of product is where many of our clients originate.  Covering many different types of product and material (steel, plastic, wood, glass, paper, ceramic, rubber), if it can be found in a home, chances are we have experience manufacturing it.  Some examples include:

  • Closet organization systems
  • Kitchen utensils and accessories
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Home accents
  • Home decor / furniture
  • Home office accessories
  • Bedroom accessories & decor
  • Baby accessories, toys and games

Sporting Goods

We have many years of experience creating durable sporting goods and recreation products across many different types of sports and outdoor adventure markets. We work with factories that cater to almost every type of sport, here is just a short list of the type of items we have worked on in the past:

  • Golf equipment / training aids & accessories
  • Camping equipment & accessories
  • Fishing gear & accessories
  • Soccer / Football accessories
  • Basketball gear and accessories
  • Workout and exercise / home gym gear & accessories

Custom Molded Plastics

We can produce many different types of plastic product, from simple low cost parts, to multi part assembled product in all kinda of plastic material.  With our partner factories, we can produce production tooling at a fraction of the cost of most companies, and pass along the savings to our clients.  We 100% guarantee the quality of our tooling for life, and repair or replace tooling for our clients at no cost to them. Process we specialize include, but not limited to:

  • Injection Molding
  • Blow molding
  • Rotational molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Compression Molding
  • Die-cutting
  • Co-molding / Overolding

Amazon Sellers and E-Commerce

Drop shipping, e-commerce, and off-shelf products are increasingly popular for small and large businesses. We partner with businesses to provide complete design, engineering, and manufacturing services for custom consumer goods or general commodity product. We also offer complete distribution and management services for easy order fulfillment through Amazon, Walmart and other e-commerce sites, and have the experience to guide our clients to insure product and packaging compliance to successfully work with these distribution giants.

  • Simple electronics items
  • Custom molded silicon product
  • “Off Shelf” consumer goods with customization options
  • Multi SKU, highly customized goods with custom packaging options
  • Low MOQ (minimum order quantity) items

Crowdfund Startups

Turn to IPS for assistance designing and creating prototypes and product runs of unique crowdfunded projects. We can help design and revise products that fall outside the scope of conventional manufacturing capabilities. Our team will also help optimize the design for manufacturability (DFM) to ensure your products are produced cost-effectively and efficiently. We can work with you to develop product that fall within your pricing constraints to avoid wasteful re-engineering. We work with clients that started on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and StartEngine.

  • Simple paper product
  • Complex consumer goods with high customization and multiple material options
  • Unique product never before attempted
  • New production and manufacturing processes

Ad Specialty and Promotional Products

Create specialty promotional products and display hardware that is customized to your unique brand. Our team is here to provide high-volume, cost-effective manufacturing of slightly customized or fully customized plastic goods essential for brand awareness and customer retention strategies. We offer quick turn custom product solutions that stand out. There are many companies that can throw a logo on a pen or a mug… but very few companies have the experience to produce truly custom and unique promotional products that the ad-specialty industry and brand marketers value. We cater to the largest promotional clients including: Healthcare, Beverage, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food Distribution, Telecom etc. For NEW and CUSTOM promotional product, IPS is the answer.

  • High volume, low cost promotional goods
  • New and uncommon customization techniques
  • Scalable production to quickly “ramp up” capacity
  • Safe and reliable product for brand preservation
  • “One of a kind” innovative product
  • Point-of-Sale add on product and displays
  • “In-Restaurant” and bar promotions

Health and Beauty

IPS develops high-quality plastic goods for use in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Our products—including tools, packaging, and marketing materials—can be designed and built to comply with strict industry regulations. We also offer custom compounding for companies looking to develop unique, regulation-compliant formulations.

  • Specialized packaging and “add on” items for cosmetic clients
  • Self-care hard good product
  • Posture correcting products
  • Skincare devices and product

Fashion and Accessories

IPS offers “cut-and-sew” clothing, bags, and other accessories through our contract manufacturing services. We work with international fashion companies to produce entire product lines to single SKU accessories based on their specifications and designs. Through our robust network of suppliers and factories, we develop and source high-quality materials and efficiently manage the production process to meet our client specifications and timelines.

  • Specialized product for various name brands
  • Bags of all sorts (handbags, backpacks, travel cases)
  • Scarves, hats, belts, gloves, jewelry, sunglasses
  • Tech accessories (smartphone cases, smartwatch cradles etc)
  • Garments of all kind


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