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Ad Specialty & Promotional Products

IPS has the means and expertise to design, prototype, engineer, and manufacture a wide array of ad specialty & promotional products. We will take your vision and transform it into a unique product capable of competing with other businesses offering similar promotional products.

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness through custom goods with your brand’s logo, colors, and marketing slogan or increase sales through promotional product offerings, IPS is a cost-effective solution to manufacturing those products in high volume.  

IPS caters to the largest promotional clients, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Distribution
  • Telecom

Advertising Agencies love working with us as their product supplier, as we handle all the product work while they can focus on their clients overall marketing needs and goals.

The list does not stop there. Are you ready to transform your product idea into a finished custom product to sell to your customers? Contact us today to get started.

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Types of Ad Specialty & Promotional Products


Each product we manufacture is custom tailored using each of our clients’ business ideas and target brand identity. Research shows that unique and highly customized promotional product is much more effective than “run of the mill” stale product ideas. As a custom product manufacturer, IPS is much more than a “your logo here” supplier. We are here to collaborate and create one of a kind product that drives home your brand identity and loyalty to your customers.  

While we cannot compile every type of ad specialty and promotional product we manufacture into one list, here are some types of custom ad products that we have worked on in the past:

  • High volume, cost-effective goods with a twist
  • Products requiring new and uncommon customization techniques
  • Scalable production to “ramp up” capacity
  • Safe and reliable product for brand preservation
  • “One of a kind” innovative products
  • Event and on-location marketing
  • Point-of-Sale add on product and displays
  • Custom packaged product and kitting

promotional product ad specialty corporate gift promotional product ad specialty corporate gift promotional product ad specialty corporate gift

Our Ad Specialty & Promotional Products Solutions


IPS goes beyond simply dropping your brand logo on a pre-made mass produced item . We take your brand’s vision and transform it into custom products that suit the needs of your customers. No generic products on the market address all of your customers’ needs as effectively as new custom designed products. Our team of experts designs, prototypes, engineers, and manufactures custom ad specialty products and custom promotional products that are unique to your business and your brand. We offer a cost-effective solution for businesses who want to mass-produce high quantities of custom products on a tight budget and timeline.

IPS uses facilities in Vietnam, China, and Taiwan to make outsourced custom manufacturing an easy and cost-effective option and mitigates the risk of working with factories directly. We take pride in being a one-stop-shop, helping businesses through every step of the manufacturing process while handling product design, sourcing, production management, quality assurance, import logistics and delivery ourselves.


Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Molded Plastics


How long does it take to receive a custom ad specialty and promotional product?

On average, our product services take around 3-4 months. However, the timelines vary depending on factors such as the time it takes to design, prototype, develop, or manufacture. We oversee every part of the process to ensure that your business receives custom products in the most efficient matter of time possible.

I don’t see my promotional product listed on your site. Can you manufacture it?

We engineer custom products made from plastic, steel, wool, glass, paper, ceramic, fiberglass, composites, fabric, foam, rubber, natural wood and more. Because we focus on custom products, we aren’t able to list all of the products we are capable of manufacturing on our site. But, there is a high chance we can turn your vision into a customized product! Contact our team today about your product idea.

How long does it take to develop a crowdfund startup product with IPS?

The timeline varies depending on the complexity of the project. However, IPS oversees and partners with you every step of the process to ensure efficiency and timely delivery. On average, a custom product cycle can take approximately 6 months from the concept phase to delivery day, but this can vary based on specific project requirements.

What quantity of custom promotional products can I order?

We work with businesses looking for custom promotional product solutions at a cost-effective price in large quantities. If you are looking for a single custom product, or only a handful of units, we may not be the right solution for you. Generally our minimum order volumes range from a few thousand and up (sometimes in the millions). We have the factory relationships and capacity to ramp up production for your ad specialty campaign to exceed any of our clients needs.