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What Is Injection Molding?

June 10, 2024

Injection molding process illustration

Plastic injection molding is a complex manufacturing process in which molten polymer is injected into a cavity, or mold. There are endless uses for custom molded plastic parts, all molded depending on a business’s needs. For example, custom plastic pet toys benefit from injection molding, as the process helps to create a unique product at a cost-efficient price point. Through injection molding, these toys can continue to be mass produced at an extremely efficient speed once the mold is developed. 


How Does Injection Molding Work?

There are several different custom molding processes, including injection, blow molding, rotational molding, thermoforming, and more. Each one serves its own needs and offers its own benefits. Injection molding works by liquefying polymer. Once melted, it is then poured into a custom, pre-designed mold. As the polymer cools, it solidifies into the shape of the mold, creating either a product or part. 

Businesses that require plastic injection molding are often looking for a way to make a unique product or part using the most efficient process. Once a mold is designed, the manufacturing process for plastic injection molding can move at a quick pace, often at a cost efficient price point since the product or part does not have to be designed again each time it is made. 


Uses for Plastic Injection Molding

There are limitless uses for plastic injection molding. Each custom molded plastic serves the needs of a business or customer base. Injection molding is a common manufacturing process for mass-producing products because of its cost efficiency, quick product pace, and ability to continuously produce high-quality and consistent results, even with more complicated shapes. 

Some common examples of using injection molding include:

  • Packaging for products
  • Bottle caps 
  • Parts or components for larger products
  • Toys (such as dog toys)
  • Beauty accessories (such as a comb)
  • General household products, such as kitchen utensils
  • Miscellaneous consumer goods

If you think your business would benefit from custom molded plastic, reach out to our team of experts at IPS. Our team will help you determine how best to manufacture custom products or parts based on your business needs. 


Manufacturing Custom Molded Plastics

Injection molding can be expensive to set up, even if it helps reduce costs over time. Injection molds require a specialized team to be involved in the manufacturing process. Because of the value of plastic injection molds, you may find manufacturing facilities with high costs. 

IPS has a team that specializes in the manufacturing process for custom molded plastics. Oftentimes, custom molded plastic manufacturers can have high costs, as the process is not offered by every manufacturing facility. IPS works with partner facilities to help you outsource product manufacturing to reliable facilities that follow strict quality assurance standards. We work with your business to design, prototypes, engineer, and manufacture any products that suit your business needs, so you do not have to deal with communication with manufacturing facilities overseas. 

Because IPS works with custom molded plastic manufacturers in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, the cost of manufacturing is significantly lower than injection molding manufacturers in the United States. We provide you with the opportunity to reduce costs on manufacturing without having to deal with import logistics yourself. 


When to Outsource for Custom Molded Plastics

Is your business interested in outsourcing to a manufacturer for custom plastic injection molding? It may be hard to determine when your business would benefit from this manufacturing process. If you offer plastic products with a unique shape and want to find a more efficient manufacturing process at a lower cost, this may be an ideal solution. Additionally, if your business is already designing a product, but it requires a specific, unique part or components, a plastic mold of that component can be an easy solution. 

Unless your business has its own manufacturing facility that specializes in plastic injection molding, it likely makes the most sense to outsource. When outsourcing to a manufacturing facility, it is important to find a reliable partner at a cost-efficient price for your business. You do not want to have to increase the cost of products because it is becoming too expensive to manufacture your products. Working with IPS means your business gets to reap the benefits of lower cost manufacturing facilities in Asia while being reassured that quality assurance and product management are taken seriously. 


How Much Does Injection Molding Cost?

The cost of a plastic injection mold varies depending on the size and how complex the mold is. From there, it will cost your business the manufacturing facility’s cost for injecting polymer into the same mold again and again. All in all, the cost of plastic injection molding will depend on the quantity of products that your business requires to sell. Plastic injection molding is best used by businesses who require a high production of products. 

For an accurate price of how much injection molding will cost, reach out to our team at IPS to receive a quote for your business’ products or parts. 

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